Photography and Reality

Mark E Tisdale

Creative geek with a camera! My love of travel grew into a love of photography and art in general. I indeed feel quite fortunate to have found creative outlets that make my life so fulfilling and relish sharing whenever possible.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

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  1. I think Ansel Adams would have loved to have worked with Photoshop. Great Job Mark. You’re telling a story through your art and you can use any tools you would like. I’ve used Photoshop to paste on open eyes on brides when they would blink on important shots! Fellow photographer (and musician), John

    • Mark Tisdale says:

      Glad you enjoyed John, and I agree I think Adams would have loved Photoshop and not raged against it!

      Good example on being able to make the best of a photo that once would have likely been ruined in the past! Not that adjusting photos started with Photoshop but I’m sure they must have become less onerous. My grandmother had a hand-painted color photo of her parents, one of whom had passed before color photography came into vogue. I bet it must have taken the artist awhile to do that.

      Honestly at this stage most of my edits are far less out there than adding a whole lighthouse to an image, but sometimes you can’t get the angle or perspective on a subject you want without ending up with an element you didn’t want (power lines, an errant tree limb, etc). Even if that’s as far as I ever take it, it’s wonderful to be able to use another tool to finish one’s vision!

  2. There are so many beautifully artistic things you can do to a photograph using post-processing software – for instance, like your lighthouse creation! 🙂 I definitely haven’t gotten the hang of adding things to my photographs, but I’m a huge fan of photoshop’s “content aware deletion” tool…. and of course I have to fix the alignment on almost every photo I take with a horizon. 😛 In my perspective it’s all just a part of the creative process…

    • Mark Tisdale says:

      Ha, Christy, the content aware fill in CS5 is what got me to upgrade from CS3! And getting a focus screen with a grid on it for my camera was a huge boon for keeping things on the level! 🙂

      We’re definitely on the same page with it just being another tool in the arsenal!

      By the way, as for adding things, here is a GREAT video tutorial on using the mask tools in Photoshop. I actually watched this one after I did this particular image and learned a lot that would have made it easier for me. I don’t know that I’ll do a ton of additions like this but it’s not a bad skill.

  3. Well done, I wouldn’t have realized that the lighthouse was added into the photo at all!

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