Red Phone Box And Big Ben Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Red Phone Box Art – A Slight Obsession

It’s sort of a running joke that when I share my red phone box art, I have to comment on the apparent obsession I have with them. I mean, if you look at the work I’ve done over the years, I think it’s a … Read More

Angel Oak Wall Art - South Carolina Print by Mark Tisdale
Angel Oak Wall Art

Sometimes the subjects of my new art are my own imagination but others like this Angel Oak wall art are the result of suggestions from customers and people who follow my work on social media. I won’t always promise that I’ll deliver right away … Read More

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. In general, cookies are used to retain user preferences, store information for things like shopping carts, and provide anonymised tracking data … Read More

Fine Art America Discount Code for Mark Tisdale Art
Fine Art America Discount Code 2018

Let me guess, you’ve found something you want on Fine Art America, and you are cleverly decided to do a little bit of Google searching for a discount code for 2018? Then you’re in luck! Now you need to know a few things first. … Read More

Fall Artwork - Cheerful Fall Leaves
Fall Artwork – Let’s Be Cheerful Please!

There’s no question this new fall artwork was meant to be cheerful and uplifting. I think most of the time my artwork leans in this direction anyway. I suspect anyone who has followed me for awhile is used to bright colors more so than … Read More

Artist Websites Review - 2017 - Print On Demand Update
Artist Websites Review – Print On Demand Update

It’s funny that one of the most perennially visited articles on my site is my now five year old artist websites review. And periodically I get questions from other artists who have read that several year old article and want to know what my … Read More

Derek in Alabama

I love my “Toomers Drugstore” and “Auburn Supper Club” prints from Mark. He does an amazing job and every painting has detail and awesome colors. His Auburn prints are a must have for fans that love Auburn as much as I do!

Real Life View of the XP-Pen Artist 22E
XP-Pen Artist 22E Review

Were any of you out there expecting an XP-Pen Artist 22E review? Probably¬† not! Especially since I posted earlier this year that I had gotten an XP-Pen Artist 16. So, it only seems fair to explain how I went from talking about a completely … Read More

Old Point Lighthouse at the Cabrillon National Monument in the rain
Old Point Loma Lighthouse Art

Lately I frequently get art-suggestions like a recent one for the old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego. Should I say she had me at lighthouse? There’s just something fascinating to me about old lighthouses, that’s why I have quite a few lighthouse prints … Read More

Local Atlanta Art - Painting Of The Varsity
Local Atlanta Art

The challenge of creating local Atlanta art is what really kick-started my drive to be an artist. For those who don’t know, I started out mainly interested in capturing far away places on trips overseas. I loved to travel and still do, but generally … Read More

Black and white photos of Atlanta - The High Museum architecture
Black And White Photos Of Atlanta

I think most who follow my work would agree I’m more well known for my colorful work, but as these black and white photos of Atlanta illustrate, I sometimes dabble in monochromatic schemes as well! But it is, admittedly rare! It’s weird, I think … Read More

50s Music Poster Featuring a Classic Car - Elvis' Pink Cadillac
50s Music Poster – Classic Pink Cadillac Art

It’s funny how often some of my artwork, like this 50s music poster, starts as something entirely different. The basis of this actually started as a potential book cover I was working on. The cover itself went in an entirely different direction but I … Read More

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