Winter Cabin Art Print - A little red Cabin in Moonlit wood by artist Mark Tisdale
Winter Cabin Art – Moonlit Woods

This winter cabin art print is my last artwork of 2020. I would be lying if I said 2020 is a year I will fondly remember. I created some artwork that I’m certainly proud of but there was an undercurrent … Read More

Alabama Lighthouse Art - Sand Island Light
Alabama Lighthouse Art – Mobile Bay Scenes

Working on these Alabama Lighthouse art prints was a work of love. If you check out my shop, you’ll see that I simply love lighthouses. There’s something sort of magical about them for me. And I don’t think I’m alone … Read More

Sales Stats For Fine Art America Artists

I’ve been an artist selling my work on Fine Art America for the past decade and one of the most common questions I hear is about sales stats for Fine Art America artists. Or more specifically artists want to know … Read More

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Art by Mark Tisdale
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse Art

This Chicago Harbor Lighthouse art print feature an old timer from Lake Michigan. This old lighthouse was originally built for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition which was held in Chicago. In 1919 it was moved to its current location to … Read More

Chicago Theatre Blueprint Art by Mark Tisdale
Chicago Theatre Marquee Blueprint Art

This Chicago Theatre Marquee Blueprint art is an homage not only to the famous sign that hangs over that Chicago landmark but to the beautiful design style of many of the classic marquees from the same era. There’s a reason … Read More

Surreal Cat Art - The Swimmer - Print by Mark Tisdale
Surreal Cat Art – The Swimmer

This surreal cat art was inspired by observing cats, both my own as well as those of others. I’ve had cats all my life having grown up around them with a mother who came from a family that liked cats … Read More

Edinburgh Castle Print by artist Mark Tisdale
Edinburgh Castle Print – Falling Rain Art

This Edinburgh castle print was aimed at capturing the magical beauty of the Scottish castle as it appears when approaching via the Royal Mile. You can see Edinburgh Castle perched on the top of Castlehill from all over the city, … Read More


I’ve recently read that it’s old fashioned to welcome people to a website these days. Apparently it’s ever so 1990’s of me to have that welcome heading on the front page, but I do most sincerely want to thank you … Read More

University of Georgia Prints - The Arch by Mark Tisdale
University Of Georgia Prints – The Arch

I’ve mentioned before that I keep a list of subjects people ask about and University of Georgia prints have been on that list for awhile now. But these things come as time allows and inspiration hits. But the motivation was … Read More

Colorful Atlanta Skyline Art Print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Colorful Atlanta Skyline Art

The purpose of this colorful Atlanta skyline art print was simply to do something fun! I know sometimes people have a picture of art being something serious and packed with meaning, and often that is the case. A lot of … Read More

Tardis Print - Doctor Who Art by Artist Mark Tisdale
Tardis Print – Doctor Who Art

This unique Tardis print was an inevitable piece of Doctor Who art for me. The exact scene took a long time to dream up, but I’ve wanted to do an homage to one of my favorite shows for some time … Read More

Savannah River Street Print by Mark Tisdale
Savannah River Street Print

This colorful Savannah River Street print captures a relaxing day in Savannah, Georgia. It’s based off photos and memories of my own visit to Savannah on the Georgia coast. I ended up spending more of my time out on Tybee … Read More

Lowder Red Barn - Auburn Campus Print by Mark Tisdale
Lowder Red Barn – Auburn Campus

The Edward L Lowder Red Barn on the campus at Auburn University was another Auburn art print I did by request. The barn and old silos are part of an Ag Heritage park administered by the College of Agriculture. The … Read More

Alabama Theatre Sign - Birmingham Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Alabama Theatre Sign – Birmingham Art

This historic Alabama theatre sign is an original feature of the 1920’s Birmingham Theatre. In fact there were originally two of these signs, one over the front entrance and one over the stage entrance on the side of the building. … Read More

The Varsity - Landmark Atlant Print by Mark Tisdale
The Varsity – Landmark Atlanta Print

There’s certainly no question that The Varsity is an Atlanta landmark and an iconic one at that. Years ago when I was first developing a passion for photography and visual art in general I set about working on a collection … Read More

Auburn Christmas Spirit - Falling Snow Art by Mark Tisdale
Auburn Christmas Spirit – Falling Snow

Although falling snow in Alabama may be rare, I felt like this image captures the Auburn Christmas spirit. In fact, I completed this work right around Christmas. I envisioned it primarily being of interest to those seeking Auburn Christmas cards, … Read More

Sloppy Joe's Bar - Key West Artwork - Print by Mark Tisdale
Sloppy Joe’s Bar – Key West Artwork

I truly love featuring historic places like Key West’s Sloppy Joe’s Bar. For those not familiar with the history of Key West, this was a haunt of Ernest Hemingway himself. The present bar on Duval Street and the original on … Read More

Toomer's Drugs - Auburn Landmark Art by Mark Tisdale
Toomer’s Drugs – Auburn Landmark Art

This Toomer’s Drugs print was the result of a request of an Auburn alum who follows my work. But it was one of those requests that fit in nicely with my existing body of Auburn art! It’s always a pleasure … Read More

Historic Oakland Cemetery Gates - Atlanta Landmark print by Georgia artist Mark Tisdale
Oakland Cemetery Gates – Atlanta

When I lived in Atlanta, one of my favorite places to wander on the weekend was historic Oakland Cemetery. I know I couldn’t be alone because I rarely was when I visited. I’m sure some were visiting famous graves, and, … Read More

Tybee Island Lighthouse - Vintage Map Art by Mark Tisdale
Tybee Island Lighthouse Art

Tybee Island lighthouse towers over the beautiful barrier islands off the coast of my home state of Georgia. When dawn broke on my first morning in Savannah some years ago, I was heading for Tybee. As beautiful as Savannah is, … Read More

Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church - Sweet Auburn Print by Mark Tisdale
Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church – Sweet Auburn

Even without Martin Luther King, Jr., historic Ebenezer Baptist Church would be integral to the history of “Black Atlanta.” The church congregation dates back to the 1880s. The historic church building itself was built in the 1920s and remodeled and … Read More

Old Point Loma Lighthouse At Night - San Diego Art Print by Mark Tisdale
Point Loma Lighthouse Art

This art print of the old Point Loma lighthouse at night in the rain was the result of a request sometime back. And as I love old lighthouses, this one fit perfectly in my wheelhouse. I don’t do every request … Read More

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