Art spotlight on a variety of art for sale inspired by the places I’ve been and subjects that are near and dear to my heart. Very often the two coincide – the places I love are related to the subjects I love. Not so unusual is it? Here you can read about selected art prints and the story behind them. Discover more about what I find visually appealing about the subjects and places that have inspired me during my years as an artist.

Odds are if you’ve found yourself here, you fall into one or two camps. Either you love art and want a special print or piece of decor of your own? Or you have a friend who loves art and you’re searching for a cool gift perfect for them?  Whatever the case may be, I think you’ve found the right place. The art you can explore here is made with love and not something you’ll find printed by the thousands in a warehouse somewhere.

Depending on the piece you’re interested in, my artwork is available for sale as wall art, greeting cards, throw pillows and other home decor items.

If you’re finished exploring art here and would like to see more uncommon art, check out my entire artwork collection for more to enjoy.

Angel Oak Wall Art

Sometimes the subjects of my new art are my own imagination but others like this Angel Oak wall art are the result of suggestions from customers and people who follow my work on social media. I won’t always promise that I’ll deliver right away … Read More

Old Point Loma Lighthouse Art

Lately I frequently get art-suggestions like a recent one for the old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego. Should I say she had me at lighthouse? There’s just something fascinating to me about old lighthouses, that’s why I have quite a few lighthouse prints … Read More

Local Atlanta Art

The challenge of creating local Atlanta art is what really kick-started my drive to be an artist. For those who don’t know, I started out mainly interested in capturing far away places on trips overseas. I loved to travel and still do, but generally … Read More

Hot Air Balloon Nursery Art Print

I admit I struggle sometime explaining where some of my art comes from, such is the case with this hot air balloon nursery art print. You see, in the strictest sense, I’m not describing a room where this would fit but the actual subject … Read More

Eiffel Tower Romance Painting

This idea for this Eiffel Tower romance painting came to me because of the film title “Last Tango In Paris.” Now I have to admit, the title was the full extent of what I knew about the movie. It was a film that was … Read More

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