Spiritual Artwork Print - Child Of The Universe
Spiritual Artwork Print – Child Of The Universe

This new spiritual artwork print is a perfect example of how often I start one thing and find unexpected inspiration for something else. My latest piece was originally meant to be just a backdrop behind the text for Max Ehrmann’s poem Desiderata. I recently … Read More

Hot Air Balloon Nursery Art Print - Whimsical & Surreal Artwork
Hot Air Balloon Nursery Art Print

I admit I struggle sometime explaining where some of my art comes from, such is the case with this hot air balloon nursery art print. You see, in the strictest sense, I’m not describing a room where this would fit but the actual subject … Read More

Eiffel Tower Romance Painting - Latin Dance Art
Eiffel Tower Romance Painting

This idea for this Eiffel Tower romance painting came to me because of the film title “Last Tango In Paris.” Now I have to admit, the title was the full extent of what I knew about the movie. It was a film that was … Read More

Cool Irish Art Print - Colorful Night In Dublin Ireland
Cool Irish Art – Dublin In The Rain

I really wanted to share my latest piece of Irish art, and this is a piece I think is quite cool. Now it should go without saying that I’m proud of all my artwork. If I share something for public consumption, I’m happy with … Read More

Album Cover Wall Art Display Ideas

I’ve been meaning to share this album cover wall art display idea for awhile, but life had other ideas in mind. Those who follow me on social media may recall that last year I did a series of art prints featuring the legendary Sun … Read More

Blue Volkswagen Beetle Artwork by Mark Tisdale
Volkswagen Beetle Artwork – A Trip Down Memory Lane

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the things that happen to us during childhood have lasting impact. From traumas to tender moments, they shape our lives and interests. On that point, there’s no question that my Volkswagen Beetle artwork here is evidence of … Read More

Summer Memories - Father's Day Art
Father’s Day – Summer Memories

This upcoming Father’s Day will find life changed here. Unless you follow my personal blog, you may not know why I’ve been much quieter lately. Granted, I go for stretches without new updates but this one has been out of the ordinary. On March … Read More

Tracy in Georgia

…thanks to Facebook and finding Mark E Tisdale, a special print will become a memory in my parents’ home this Christmas…

Terri in Georgia

I ordered a framed print of the Macon County Clinic and Nurses house . My mother… worked there from 1956 until the clinic closed. Now 80 and retired for many years , she often talks about the many people she remembers from those days, My … Read More

Sarah in California

It was my father’s birthday present. Thank you Mark. It brought back wonderful memories for him.

Sue in Wisconsin

My daughter sent me this print as an early Mother’s Day gift. It arrived today and I love, love love it!

Doreen in Florida

I treated myself last year to two of your lovely works of art. The telephone box & the Scottish cottage on a country lane. Love them!

Montezuma Georgia Art Print - Classic New Deal Era Post Office
By Request – New Deal Era Post Office

This Christmas season seems to be of the “request” category and it’s been fun! The latest request was for a local scene! And landmarks of my small town are a favorite subject so I hardly needed the encouragement. In fact, our local New Deal … Read More

British Christmas Card Art - Red Phone Box In The Snow
Featuring – British Christmas Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I had an email from a past customer in England as she was looking for Christmas cards that featured her favorite subject, those beautiful red Phone Boxes.  And if you’ve ever thumbed through my British themed art before, you … Read More

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