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Classic 57 Chevy Tail Fin Art

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When it comes to classic cars, there’s no question that a 57 Chevy is something of a holy grail. Those dramatic tail fins are absolutely a part of Americana. Those fins speak of the jet age and the boundless optimism of 1950’s America.  And for me, there was a personal reason to tackle a 57 Chevy. My grandfather owned one. Granted, I never saw it. And he had passed away before I was born. But that car was fondly remembered and spoken of for years to come. As a rural mail carrier, he traded cars every two years. So the fact his 57 Chevy was one among many illustrates its importance.

From the start, I wanted the setting of this artwork to be a classic American diner by night. And the backdrop very much dictated the color scheme of the car. The retro blue hues complement the warm glow of the diner lights. Don’t you agree? When I look at this, I feel like I’ve stumbled back in time. Both the diner and the retro lines of those tail fins scream 1950’s America.

When I originally worked on this artwork, I intended for it to be a one-off. But it absolutely inspired me and I would love to do a series of these 57 Chevy art prints along the way. Until I examined all the details, I had no idea how much inspiration lay within this classic design. But if you’re a fan of classic Chevy’s, I bet you are not surprised!

I hope you will pause a moment to share what drew you to this particular artwork? Are you a fan of 1950’s Americana? Or do you love classic cars? Perhaps someone in your family drove a 57 Chevy? Or maybe you own one yourself? I’ve shared my story as well as my art, I hope you’ll share yours too!


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