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Amazing Highland Landscape – Isle of Skye Art Print

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Of all the Highland landscapes I saw while roaming Scotland, it was the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye that seemed the most fantastic – in the strictest sense of the word. It seemed like a fantasy landscape, a setting for grand adventures. When I look at prints like this one from there, I still feel the need to pinch myself a little. It feels like a misty dream I once had more than a tangible place in the Scottish Highlands.

When we first stopped here, I was standing on that same plateau with others in my group of travelers. As I looked around us, I realized I wanted to include that in my Highland landscape print. I began climbing further up the hills of the Quiraing. I’m not sure I could have ever gotten high enough to capture it all as our time was limited before the sun retreated once more. I got to a stopping point and turned around to this view.

Remember I said this landscape reminded me of one where adventurous tales would be set? That was the feeling I felt as I gazed down on my fellow travelers heading towards he edge of the plateau in a very light mist. It reminded me of the opening passages of a grand adventure and they were the actors in that fantasy tale, heading into the misty unknown. For me, this Highland landscape print is as much about the spirit of adventure as the amazing terrain.

I’ve read since a Highland landscape like this is caused by landslips. This is iterally when a section of earth just slides away and the elevations are abruptly and radically different, not the norm where mountains are thrust up and then weather away. The result vista is rather dramatic, isn’t it? This was truly the stop on the Isle of Skye that I could have stayed and wandered and taken photos and lost myself (maybe literally and figuratively).

If you have any doubt this Highland landscape made a lasting impression on me, consider this. A year later, I was watching a movie and amongst the previews was a trailer for a film Stardust, based on a graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman. It was a film I would have enjoyed anyway, but just from a short preview, I knew some of the exterior scenes had been filmed on the Isle of Skye in this very place and I was right! They filmed on location on Skye and around the Scottish Highlands. This proves the point that the landscapes of the Highlands and particularly the Isle of Skye are straight out of a fantasy film!

Have you also stood on the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye admiring the view? Or perhaps you remember this amazing Highland landscape from Stardust? Or, like me, you see this print as embodying the very spirit of adventure?


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