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About This Image:

This dramatic black and white print features Lanyon Quoit, a Neolithic dolmen in Cornwall. I’ve read that this ancient structure was likely a chamber tomb of some sort. Like many ancient sites, though, there’s no written record so nothing is entirely certain.

Whatever the case there’s something in the air of places like this that I can’t describe, a charge that tells you these places were once very special to the people who erected these stone-age monuments. It’s almost as if the meaning they held for them, however mysterious, is still floating in the air over the Cornish countryside.

Despite the odds, this particular Neolithic dolmen still exudes that sense of power even though it has been humbled by the passage of time. A storm in the 19th century knocked it to the ground. Local Cornish people decided the ancient monument should be put right. The neolithic dolmen was re-erected on the stumps of three of its four original legs. Prior to the storm, a man sitting on horseback could apparently fit beneath the top stone of Lanyon Quoit! Sadly not the case today.

It may be shorter today but that ancient Neolithic dolmen is no less mysterious. Standing there on a moody morning, gazing across the Cornish landscape, the truth seemed to be tantalizingly close at hand. It reminded me of that feeling you have when you can’t quite come up with the word you wanted to use. It’s on the tip of your tongue but unrevealed. That was my feeling standing before that ancient stone monument.

Have you had that feeling? Have you stood before the same Neolithic dolmen in this black and white print? I’d love to hear if this print speaks of ancient mysteries for you as well!

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