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Ancient Shores – Loch Ness at Dusk Art Print

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I have honestly never been a big follower of the Loch Ness “monster” theories or legends. However, I have to say the ones we heard on the way to that fabled lake, pictured here, were pretty amazing. True or not, or somewhere in between, it’s a fantastic peek into the ancient history of this amazing, deep, and mysterious lake.

Loch Ness is apparently massively deep and ancient, which explains why some people believe a prehistoric creature could still live in the depths of the loch there. And I could definitely feel the ancient quality of the place in the air as I stood there at dusk. I found Loch Ness apart from the stories that abound to be a majestic place to stand on a late winter afternoon.

Dusk comes early in Scotland in the winter so even though it wasn’t really as late as you might think, this print has a lovely dusk blue sky. If you look at the horizon, you can just see a bit of sun in those clouds. And of course, the sky is alive with that twilight glow.  Yet, this photo wouldn’t be the same without the wintry limbs of this tree reaching into the sky. It’s the bare limbs of the great tree that connects the water land and sky in this print. It’s those limbs that draws your eye through all those ancient metaphysical elements.

Sorry there were no Nessie sightings for my group, but this brilliant blue print personally makes up for it for me!

Have you also stood on the shores of Loch Ness in the Great Glen? Any Nessie sightings? Or were you, like me, more than satisfied with the gorgeous vistas of this ancient place?


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