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Beautiful Afternoon At The Louvre Museum – Paris Art

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The Louvre Museum started life as a Medieval Fortress and evolved into a French Renaissance Palace. That’s the skin of what we see when we look at the beautiful exterior, but, of course, what’s inside is an amazing art collection. And in the 1980’s when they needed to build a new way to move crowds into the Louvre Museum, the glass pyramid you see pictured here in the Cour Napoléon was the answer.

I love the courage to mix old and new. Some would have made the entrance less noticeable, or tried to blend it into the original architecture of the old Louvre Museum, but this is a daring artistic statement!

I have to say even though I’d seen images of the entrance to the Louvre Museum, I was unprepared for how impressed I would be by this space. As luck would have it, this was my last day in Paris so if I wanted to see the art inside, I couldn’t devote all my time to photographing the courtyard.

At the same time, I had to spend some time exploring the beautiful architecture of the Louvre, as you can see, and I think this wide angle photo of the Louvre Museum really captures that feeling of wonder I had seeing that beautiful space. To be honest some of my favorite details in this print aren’t the architecture ones but the people sprinkled throughout the scene. This print of the Louvre courtyard wouldn’t be the same without them would it? They provide both a sense of scale and you can see in their posture even that they have that same sense of awe as they gaze at the old and new of the Louvre Museum.


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