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Beautiful Bath Abbey At Dusk – England Art Print

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I had less than 24 hours to enjoy the beautiful architecture for which the city of Bath is known. But that short time was more than enough to fall  in love with this beautiful city and am certain I will return one day. Pictured here is the beautiful Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul – an excellent example of perpendicular Gothic architecture.

It’s a gorgeous old church that I would have love the chance to photography again. Yet, I’m terribly happy with this dramatic print from dusk on my only night in the city of Bath. I’m honestly not sure I could ever out-do the drama in this picture of the Abbey. It feels absolutely like I could step through this image and be back in Bath once more. This was photographed with a fisheye lens, which is responsible for the incredible lines and almost 3D feel of this picture.

This is very much an image full of sweeping lines and bold color. Look at the repeating lines of the paving stones that seem to flow towards the church. This leads the viewers eyes directly to Bath Abbey which is literally bathed in a warm golden glow amidst the mostly blue tones of this print. The result is truly an eye catching example of color and architecture.

Whenever I look at this particular print from the streets of that beautiful and historic British city, I’m right back there again. Have you been, too? Does this remind you of your own night gazing at Bath Abbey lit up in a warm golden glow? Or do you simply adore the Gothic lines of old world architecture?

Note: The city of Bath is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site. In addition, the Abbey Church is an English Heritage listed building.


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