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Beautiful Bell Tower – Oaxaca Mexico Church Art

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Sometimes the magic of the moment is an art unto itself like this beautiful bell tower print from New Year’s day in Mexico several years ago. It was, as you can tell, a beautiful day and my last in the city of Oaxaca. One last chance to take in the sights before a night bus ride onward.

I spotted this beautiful bell tower and loved the vibrant colors against the great blue skies. When I framed this shot, there was not a single bird in sight. Just the beautiful architectural details of the bell tower and the great blue sky. All those birds surrounding that beautiful bell tower literally flew out just as I clicked the shutter. Truly a magical moment that just seemed meant to happen whether I knew it or not!

Just as suddenly as they appeared, that flock of birds was gone and I moved on but have never forgotten the exhilaration I felt that moment. In fact, funny enough, I didn’t even pause to determine where in Oaxaca I was. It took me over a year to identify this beautiful bell tower, which was all I had to go on, as the bell tower of the 17th century Templo de la Preciosa Sangre de Cristo (Church of the Sacred Blood of Christ). I was further thrown off the trail because all of the other photos I found at the time were before the church had been renovated. Apparently when I visited, the beautiful stucco and paint on the church’s bell tower was fresh! No wonder it was so vibrant!

Aside from the gorgeous colors and the magical birds, what has always attracted my attention to this print is the ornate Christian Cross at the top. From what I’ve been able to determine this is either a Bethlehem Cross or a Natal Cross – a combination of the Star of Bethlehem and the Crucifix. If anyone can enlighten us further on this cross design, please do share your knowledge!

Have you perchance seen this same beautiful bell tower on the streets of Oaxaca? Or like past patrons are you simply bowled over the beauty of this colorful print? I hope you might take a moment to share what attracts you to this particular print.

Note: the historic city center of Oaxaca is a UNESCO designated World Heritage site owed to its wealth of beautifully preserved Spanish colonial architecture.


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