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Black And White Krog Street Tunnel Print

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This black and white Krog Street tunnel print has been one of my more popular black and white prints over the years. i think a lot of that is down to the very gritty nature of the location. For those unfamiliar, this is a railroad underpass near the Historic Cabbagetown mill village in Atlanta, Georgia. The Krog Street tunnel is a constantly evolving canvas of graffiti and street art that has attracted both photographers and many curious Atlanta residents over the years. It’s amazing to me that some the tunnel has escaped gentrification over the years. But it’s a happy kind of surprise!

I called Atlanta home when I captured this brooding black and white Krog Street tunnel print. When a group of photographer friends mentioned going there one morning, I jumped at the chance. I have to admit that the dark tunnel was a very interesting place to photograph. In a place where the sun never shines, the glow of artificial lighting is very much the story. An added dimension is the knowledge that the graffiti is ever-changing. A photo a week later would be different, never mind years later. It’s an art canvas that is never the same twice. This is very much a scene that will never be captured exactly the same again.

The almost labyrinthine tunnel beneath the tracks in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown has become home to an ever-evolving  art gallery. As you can see in this black and white Krog Street tunnel print, it’s literally packed with the work of (largely unknown) artists. The Krog Street tunnel is one of those places that holds a special meaning to some intown Atlanta residents. But I’m not sure if it’s as well known as some Atlanta landmarks once you reach beyond that core crowd.

Yet this black and white Atlanta print has remained popular over the years. I’ve often wondered if everyone who has bought one of these prints was actually familiar with the location or if the general vibe appealed to people who have never even visited the dark underworld of the Krog Street Tunnel? Maybe some of you simply enjoy the dark and dramatic feel of this print? For those of you who have stopped by to check out this black and white Krog Street Tunnel print, I hope you’ll pause to share your thoughts. What brought you here and how does this print make you feel? If you want to share your memories of the Krog Street tunnel over the passing years please feel free to. And of course, if you would like a question answered before purchasing your own print, please send me a message.


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