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Brooding Gothic Beauty – Holyrood Art Print

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There’s just something about old castles and stormy skies that speak to me in black and white art prints. I think the 17th century baroque architecture of Holyrood Palace, pictured here, looks even more mysterious and brooding with this graphic black and white treatment. I would believe this was a vintage Gothic print if I wasn’t the one who stood there and photographed the historic palace in this photo.

It wasn’t until my second visit to Edinburgh that I decided I should take a closer look at Holyrood Palace House. In some ways I wish I had gone sooner as it was well worth the visit, but then I might not have gone back with my camera the next time. Truth be told, I long for the chance to roam Edinburgh again, including the grounds of Holyrood.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse, more commonly known as Holyrood Palace, is the official home of the British monarch in Scotland. From what I’ve read, however, outside of an official visit in the summer, the Royal family spends far and away more time at Balmoral than at the historic palace in Edinburgh.

Balmoral is their country estate, so I guess it makes some sense they’d go there to get away from it all. For my two cents, though, Holyrood Palace in the heart of Edinburgh is a picture perfect palace in my book. I’d happily live there, but given that’s not possible, I’ll content myself with my prints of it! It’s a gorgeous old piece of baroque architecture and historic to boot.

Have you also stood before Holyrood Palace yourself or is it simply love of the history of Scotland that drew you here?


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