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California Sailboat Dreams – Monterey Bay Art Print

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There’s just something innately romantic about sailboats. I know we tend to look at the past in rose-colored glasses, but sailing as a mode of transport just seems like such an intrinsically nicer way to get from point A to point B, don’t you think? Look at those full sails on the sailboat in this print and tell me you don’t feel like you’re about to head off on some great adventure.

This particular sailboat print is based off an image I captured on a beautiful afternoon on Monterey Bay on the California coast. It’s been several years and I still look back on that lazy afternoon with a smile on my face. I think that level of blissful contentment bleeds through in this artwork. It has the same lighthearted feeling I have when I think of sailing on the open sea.

In addition to the picture perfect colors in this print, I loved the proportions of that wee sailboat. And speaking of the colors, notice how the colors of the sails echo the blue skies. So much blue and white in this print that the little American flag on the stern of the sailboat really pops!

I felt such a sense of serenity to this image that I’ve even included that as the name on the stern of the boat. Something of a secret title, I suppose, but you’ll notice if you look at the print close enough. Years later, I still feel a sense of serenity when I look at this calming artwork, how about you?

Does this sailing print speak to you in the same deep way it does to me? Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have the added frame of reference to this scene that you’ve sailed on the California coast? I’ve no doubt that’s a great added dimension to this artwork, yet I have a distinct feeling if you love sailing, this print is less about location and more about how it echoes your love of the wind and the sea.


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