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Candid View Of the London Skyline – Art Print

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This London print is something of a rarity in my artwork. I love to include people in my scenes but rarely are they featured at this level. That’s something of a riddle as I have always loved people watching. Yet I have rarely ventured into candid street photography.

I think it was in some part the spirit of the moment. I stood there gazing across the London skyline on the deck of the Millennium Bridge. There was a nearly constant parade of people crossing the Thames that beautiful afternoon. It felt for the world like the catwalk of a fashion show in the bright sun. And what an awesome backdrop to that catwalk with no less than the great baroque dome of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and that incredible British sky!

With the perfect scene simply missing the right people, I set up camp with my camera and took part in the time-honored tradition of street photography. I framed the scene and waited for the people to hit the mark.

There’s a real sense of spontaneity to this style of photography. Instead of framing an extant image, I was working in reverse. Normally I would find a focal point and frame the image around it. In this case, I had created a stage and was waiting for the actors to make the moment complete.

I have a small collection of these photos from that brief afternoon camped on the Millennium bridge in London. Of all those pictures, there was something about this single image that popped. It has a life of its own and a real candid sense of the people who call London home. The two ladies who hit the mark in this one really had the right feel to bring drama to this art print.


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