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Sea Cave Print – Northern California Coastal Art

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This Sea Cave print is from the beautiful coast in Northern California. For years I didn’t know the exact location, but I was always sure that I could find it again if I had the chance to drive along the highway north of Santa Cruz. Can you tell I dream about the chance to re-trace those steps again some day?

Several years ago I was driving up the coast on California State Route 1 basically hopping from beach to beach and enjoying my brief experience of the California landscape. I happened to spot this gorgeous little cove along the coast and I simply had to find my way down. There was no obvious way to get to the little sheltered beach but there were people down there and I finally managed to find my way. It turned out to be quite an uncertain climb but I kept reminding myself there were people on that beach next to the crashing waves.

I think this sea cave print speaks to how worthwhile it was for me to stop and spend time here. It was worth it both as an artist for the incredible landscapes and simply as a human who adores the seaside. I still look at this print and remember the power of the waves and the smell of salt in the air that day on the California coast.

My title is perhaps somewhat misleading as it was in fact a natural arch I found in that little cove, not a true cave. But it certainly feels cave-like in this print doesn’t it? Of course, sometime in the past, it would have been a cave before erosion got too far along. The reason I choose to dispel the illusion just a little is I often hear from people who love this print but are concerned that I was taking a dangerous chance going inside a sea cave that could have filled with water. So, for the folks who care about me, this is actually a natural rock arch. But the illusion of standing inside a beautiful cave by the sea is a better one, isn’t it?

And for those curious about the location? This little slice of paradise is known as Shark Fin Cove. It does lie north of Santa Cruz and about a mile south of Davenport. I managed to re-trace my steps on Google maps and found the location. I’d love to hear if you’re familiar with the location or simply enjoy the vibe from this Northern California coastal art? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or send me a message if you prefer.


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