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Chichen Itza Pyramid – Mayan Temple Art Print

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This Chichen Itza pyramid is undoubtedly one of the most well known of the Mayan temples and virtually synonymous with a visit to the Yucatan peninsula. No doubt, most visitors to this part of Mexico probably turn up at the gates to Chichen Itza at some point during their trip. It’s practically a required stop on the tourist route through Mexico’s Yucatan region.

And I’m sure for every person who takes a day away from the beach to see this Chichnen Itza pyramid, there are others of us who came to this region of Mexico simply to experience the Mayan ruins. On my first trip, I spent days exploring the heritage of the Maya and only one day at the beach. I have always been fascinated by the Maya and seeing the remains of their civilization in person was the plan all along for me. We all have different priorities, don’t we?

And I’ll certainly never forget that experience of seeing the distinctive Mayan architecture of the Chichen Itza pyramid in this print. When I arrived that morning, the skies behind the great temple to Kukulkan (also known as El Castillo) were mostly clear. But like virtually every day during that week I spent in the Yucatan, by afternoon, cloud cover had started to gather. And the combination of clouds and brilliant golden afternoon light on the Chichen Itza pyramid ruins was… well… as you can see in this Chichen Itza print, phenomenal. I have several images of this beautiful Mayan temple that I’m quite proud of, but this particular print is my personal favorite. There’s a dynamic and dramatic quality to this particular artwork that really captures my imagination every time I look at it. And it was one of my parting views of that first visit to Chichen Itza.

Have you been to Chichen Itza yourself and explored the Mayan ruins there? Perhaps you are, like I was, fascinated by the Mayan pyramids from a distance and this dramatic print has captured your imagination? I hope you will take a few moments to share your thoughts about what attracted you to this particular Maya print?

Note: Chichen Itza is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.


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