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About This Image:

The classic Eiffel Tower is one of those truly iconic structures that has probably been seen in print from every angle imaginable. It’s intimidating in a sense. When you stand before that classic piece of architecture, you can rest assured someone has stood there before and gazed at it. And someone has probably painted or photographed it or both from that same place.

To me, however, that’s one of the joys of tackling something like the classic Eiffel Tower. The challenge is to make it your own. The hurdle is to create a unique piece of art that will still make people take notice. The skies and the light will of course vary by the moment. In less than a week, the Eiffel Tower was an ever-changing subject. From minute to minute, I found new ways to see it and new light to see it by. For some of us, the world is an ever-changing canvas of possibilities!

And of course, each artist brings their own style to the subject. My classic Eiffel Tower will invariably be a different interpretation. As I stood and gazed at the Eiffel Tower on that winter afternoon in Paris, I saw the cityscape spread out around it, how the lines of the horizon and the graceful curve of the tower complimented one another. It reminded me of a And I saw a warmness to the light that I ran with when creating the final print.

The little details as well as the vista speak to me in this Classic Eiffel Tower print. The boats on the left hand side lead the viewer’s eyes to the horizon and they speak of life on the river banks in Paris. And a truly small detail, but there is a bird in flight around the radio antenna on the top of the Eiffel Tower. And although I’m not above artistic license, Mr. Bird was genuinely aloft in the air up there on that beautiful winter day in Paris.

Have you stood on the same river bank in Paris and gazed wistfully at the classic Eiffel Tower – a true world landmark? Or at this point do you simply love the Parisian flavor of this print from afar? I hope you might take a second to let me know what speaks to you most in this picturesque Paris print!

Note: The Banks of the Seine from Notre Dame all the way to the Eiffel Tower are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.

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