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Classic English Gothic Church – Glastonbury Art Print

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When I look back on my art prints from my travels in Britain, this English Gothic church in Glastonbury stands out to me as the epitome of those churches. It seems like most any English village you wander through has a church somewhat along these lines with a large Gothic bell tower reaching into the sky. And this one stands out as one of the best in my eyes.

This English Gothic church is the Church of St John The Baptist in Glastonbury. We were only in this little village in Somerset for a brief stop and I literally stumbled over this beautiful church by accident. Or perhaps it was fate? I had dawdled a bit much in the village already doing the touristy sorts of things and was rushing along back to the bus as it was getting time to depart. The sun came out from behind a cloud and was shining in my eyes as I wandered down this little lane. I happened to turn just for a second to see what might be behind me bathed in the late morning sun. Good thing I looked because this looming English Gothic church is what I saw! I had to stop!

Not only is the look of this church typical, it appears that the history of it fits the English pattern book as well. There was a church on this site in Glastonbury at least as far back as Norman times, but the current Gothic one dates to the 15th century. And, like so many old English Gothic churches, it was renovated quite a bit during the 19th century when there was a big resurgence in interest in the Medieval Gothic style. The Victorians had a tendency to add a bit of fantasy to much of their restoration of the Medieval structures. Sometimes the result is the old English Gothic churches they restored are a bit more idealized than true to history. Although I don’t know whether St John’s fits that particular pattern or not.

And honestly in the end, it doesn’t matter. Idealized or true to its 15th century appearance, it’s a gorgeous example of English Gothic churches and very much how many of us picture the village churches of England. Don’t you agree?


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