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Classic Irish Angel – Dublin Glasnevin Art Print

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There’s an amazing variety of beautiful artwork in cemeteries. This is particularly true of older cemeteries like Dublin’s Glasnevin where I found this Irish angel. In that golden afternoon sun, there was a truly ethereal and delicate quality to the light. I loved how the sunlight was picking out the details in this Irish angel statue. It was almost as if those lights and shadows were illustrating just how detailed the craftsmanship was. Look at the details in her wings and the gentle flow of her hair (and the star upon it). Even her drape feels as if you could reach out and grasp its soft folds.

I’ve found that to be a quality of older cemeteries. The statuary and general quality of those old monuments is rarely second rate. These were after all memorials to people’s loved ones. They represented a final farewell to show how much they meant to the people they left behind. That means this beautiful Irish angel is truly a beautiful celebration of someone’s life and their beliefs.

There was something about those cool blue skies and the warm sunlight striking the weathered Irish angel that already had a vintage quality to it. It reminded me of classic color photos and I decided to go with that feeling. The result is a classic Irish Angel print. Between the vintage colors and the delicate light on that Irish winter afternoon, this print has a wonderful spirit. Don’t you feel a zen sort of peace as you gaze at that gentle, dare I say, angelic, face?

Can you picture this Irish angel print in your life?


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