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About This Image:

Early on the last morning that we were camped on the banks of the ancient river Nile, I did my best to creep quietly off the boat just before the sun rose. I had high hopes for a pretty dawn on the nile, and as this print shows, those hopes were met. I still remember the cold night air of the Egyptian desert as I climbed up that dark river bank. There was only a little light to see by and all was quiet in the vast empty landscape.

Once I found some high ground above the river banks, I awaited my last dawn on the Nile. There’s always some mystery to the sunrise. Especially when you’ve been on a boat for two days and have read no weather forecasts. I had no expectations as I sat there just the determination not to squander the opportunity. How many times does one get to see dawn on the Nile? That was the motto of much of my trip to Egypt. Although I would love to go back, I had no idea then or now if that wish will ever come true.

As it turns out that last dawn on the Nile was sublime. The skies turned a deep dark blue and the clouds on the horizon captured the golden sunlight. Just look at that beautiful ribbon of gold on the horizon. It was such a brief but lovely moment before the sun came rushing across the waters of the Nile. But for that one moment, dawn on the Nile was a lovely mix of blue and gold in the skies and reflecting in the calm waters of that venerable river.

Just before the sun rose, a few more people from my crew climbed off our felucca, the traditional sailboat seen in silhouette in this print. I don’t know if I had accidentally woken them as I slipped away or if they too had planned to see their last dawn on the Nile rather than sleep through it. But there was some serendipity to that moment. Their silhouettes along with the boat were magic to me. It’s such a humanizing element when you can see people in a landscape like this. And it makes the Nile and that vast blue sky above seem even larger against those small human forms.

Have you woken early to watch a new dawn on the Nile? Or maybe you are simply inspired by the beauty of this blue and gold morning print? I hope you might take a second to share what speaks to you most in this Egyptian print!

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