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Dublin After Dark – O’Connell Street Art Print

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This print of O’Connell Street in Dublin after dark is one of the last of my prints from Ireland. This is part of a small series of prints that I took on my last night wandering the streets of Dublin. When I look at this print, I still feel the desire to spend more time in Dublin, just as I felt that night. I guess I’m fortunate to have enjoyed most of the places I’ve traveled over the years. I always leave new cities with a bit of a heavy heart, but it was especially so as I wandered the streets of Dublin after dark making my way back to pack. It felt almost like leaving home after being in Ireland a month.

This Dublin after dark print includes Dublin’s main post office, of which I took many photos both day and night. O’Connell Street was very familiar ground for me by the time I left. If you look past the figures in motion, you’ll even see the base of the Dublin Spire disappearing into the dark night skies.

But this print is more than a landmark photo for me. It’s the city lights and the people caught in motion that catches my eyes the most when I see this print years later. So, it’s the sum of its parts, heritage architecture and the life of Dublin at night and the people who live there that this print captures.

One can almost feel the rhythm of Dublin and its people looking at this print, don’t you think? It feels palpable to me. Does it remind you of a night you spent in Dublin perhaps? Or maybe the city lights and action in this print speak to you even if you’ve never set foot in Dublin?


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