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Dublin’s Trinity College Campanile Fine Art Print

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I was very happy with how this particular art print from my first day in Dublin turned out. The Campanile at Trinity College in Dublin is definitely a landmark piece of architecture. The beautiful 19th century bell tower is often used as a symbol for the historic university.

It was mostly by accident that I found my way to the Campile in Parliament Square on my first day in Dublin. I had only just stowed my bags on the winter morning I arrived and I was aimlessly wandering the light filled streets of Dublin. I chance upon the entrance to Trinity College. Still only half awake, I wandered into Parliament Square to take a peek.

Surrounded by beautiful Georgian architecture on an amazing winter day… well, it was a given that I was going to spend some time there photographing that beautiful and stately Georgian and Neoclassical architecture.

For those who have not had the pleasure of visiting Trinity College, that’s Parliament Square where I entered just beyond the bell tower. It was positively bathed in golden light that morning when I first visited. The symmetry of both the square and the Campanile begged for a somewhat symmetrical approach to the composition of this artwork.

Have you stood below the Campanile as well? Or do you simply love historic architecture?


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