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The Edge Of The World – Aran Islands Landscape Art

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Before I even reached the Aran Islands, there was something about them that called to me. I had read about life on the islands and how isolated life on the Aran Islands had once been. Late into the 20th century, life on the islands was still catching up to the outside world. It’s a place where the first tongue of locals is normally still Irish Gaelic. A somewhat walkable destination, too, it sounded like an amazing place.

I spent several nights on Inis Mór, the largest of the three Aran Islands off the Irish West coast in Galway Bay. And it was a genuine peak into what rugged world inhabited by the people who long ago made their homes on this windswept and rocky landscape. Most of my time there, the winds howled and the rain swept through as if trying to wash people from the island once more. It was genuinely a feeling of being at the edge of the world.

People have called the rugged landscape of the Aran Islands home reaching back into prehistory. There are still prominent remains of Iron Age life on the islands today and this landscape view is from the largest of those Iron Age structures, Dun Aengus. It’s a real feel for the rocky-strewn land Irish people have called home for so many generations. Granted this is the view on a picture perfect day!

And maybe that picturesque day explains why people have called the Aran Islands home for so long. The weather may be frightful, but when it’s not, this is the way your world looks!

Have you visited the Aran Islands yourself or do you simply adore rugged coastal landscapes like this one?


  1. Eileen O Dwyer

    So beautiful and true of what Dun Aenghus is spiritually.

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