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The Egyptian Pyramids – Ancient Ruins Art Prints

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Seeing the Egyptian Pyramids was one of those dreams I had harbored as long as I can remember. I have always been fascinated by the ancient world and you don’t get much more classically ancient than the Egyptian Pyramids. I don’t have a concrete first memory of my desire to visit Egypt. The interest goes that far back, but it was always one of those things I had pictured doing in my golden years like some of my older relatives had. Clearly it happened much earlier than I had expected!

It was my second morning in Egypt when we drove out to the Giza plateau to see the most famous of the Egyptian Pyramids. I ended up in the middle of a packed car and on the way there, various people at the windows spotted the pyramids from afar. I’m sure I was the picture of frustration as I craned my neck trying to get that first glimpse. As it turned out, I think my first glimpse, seen in this pyramid silhouette print, was worth the wait!

As the Great Pyramid – the largest of the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza – loomed ahead of us in silhouette…. I was awe struck. It was as impressive as this dark print suggests. It felt absolutely larger than life with the sun behind it. I had to stop in my tracks and capture the silhouettes of both the Great Pyramid of Khufu as well as my companions on the trip. Sometimes it’s still amazing to me how such a minimal print can be both full of contrast and so striking as this one. This Egyptian pyramid print has long been one of my more popular piece of artwork from that amazing trip.

Have you had the profound pleasure of standing before the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza? Or is it still the stuff of dreams? Whatever camp you’re in, this bold print can be either a trigger for those happy memories or fuel for your passion to see Egypt. I would love it if you took a second to share what strikes you most about this Egypt print?


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