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Festive Mexico – Streets of Oaxaca Art Print

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This festive Mexico scene is courtesy of my brief stay in Oaxaca. My time in this beautiful city was just enough to whet the appetite. It’s packed with lovely old Spanish Colonial architecture. It was truly a city where I felt like I stumbled over one picturesque street corner after another. In fact this print is based on my parting view of Oaxaca shortly before boarding a night bus bound for San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Oaxaca was simply the epitome of festive Mexico. I was there between Christmas day and the Epiphany. The intersection of every street was decorated with massive piñatas. Everywhere I had been it was clear that it was a festive season, but it was Oaxaca that really seemed to have gone the extra mile to celebrate.

I spotted the young lady sitting in the doorway in the puddle of light from the street lamp and she felt like such a contrast with the festive Mexico scene that surrounded her. There was a feeling of longing as she gazed into the distance. Her story is a part of this print that I don’t know and you the viewer are left to decide. Was she waiting for friends? Missing someone? Or? That brief moment when I saw her sitting in that rustic Mexican doorway has taken on a life of its own separate from the actual young lady.

This eye-catching print will always ultimately always bring back the festive Mexico vibe that I liked so much. My experiences with Mexico and the lovely people there has always been positive and upbeat, but it was especially so during those lovely few days wandering the colorful streets of Oaxaca.

Have you also been to Oaxaca? Or do you simply appreciate the colorful vibe of this festive Mexico print? I hope you might take a few moments to share what strikes you the most in this scene.

Note: Due to the concentration of well preserved Spanish Colonial architecture, Oaxaca is a UNESCO designated World Heritage site.


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