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Foggy Evening On The River Corrib – Galway Art Print

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The first week I spent in Galway, Ireland, was punctuated by a thick fog. Each morning the landscape would be coated in mists but as soon as the sun came out, the fog melted away. That was until the penultimate day of the fog. On the last day, the fog never lifted and by evening, it was a landscape utterly transformed by that thick Irish fog.

This print is of the River Corrib just above the Salmon Weir. There was something so haunting about that beautiful waterscape and the thick mists, like a fragment of someone’s dream made manifest on the coast of Ireland. It was late afternoon but not quite night yet there was virtually no sense of the sun, just bare trees and one lone bird in flight (about the middle of the picture in case you haven’t spotted him).

Even apart from the fog, I was genuinely impressed that Galway had such beautiful landscapes right in the midst of the city. The River Corrib, apparently one of the shortest rivers in Europe, winds its way from Lough Corrib into Galway Bay straight through the city. Yet there were parts of the River Corrib that felt as if you were in a place far removed from the city. And that thick fog really intensified that wilderness feeling. It’s hard to believe this photo is from the midst of a city isn’t it?

That night the fog would become a freezing fog, coating the city in ice, and if you look at the bare branches and the grasses on the opposite bank of the river, you can see that frost already forming. What an amazing day!

I loved Galway on its own merits but this particular day was like a small gift to a visual artist. Absolutely a day packed with amazing vistas  well apart from the day to day.

I love how soft everything feels. This print from the heart of Galway has a lonesome feel that really resonates within me. Have you stood on those same river banks? Or do you simply love haunting landscapes like this one?


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