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Foggy Morning – Harbor At Monterey Bay

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My time in Monterey, California, the scene of this foggy morning artwork, was brief. But it’s one of those special places you encounter that you often think of years after the fact. I had a Monday business meeting there as luck would have it and spent a long weekend wandering the coast concluding in a day spent on the waters near Monterey.

There’s something so serene about a foggy morning and the sea. I’m not quite sure what it is about that combination that sets such a peaceful scene. Yet even if I’m unfamiliar with the location, I feel a sense of ease at a sight like this. Do you have that same feeling when you see the boats peeking through the fog in this harbor art?

There’s a glimmer of the day ahead in the lighting of this foggy morning scene. It’s not a harsh gray fog that would suggest a dark day. Instead, there’s a clear sign that the sun is going to burn off this morning mist. It’s that lighting that gives this Monterey print an ultimately optimistic air. I can smell the salt air and feel the warm sun cutting through the cool air when I look at this foggy morning art.

It’s been several years now since my foggy morning on the seaside in beautiful Monterey, but as I said, it’s the type of place that doesn’t leave you easily. Just for my love of the seaside, I’d go back, but my artistic side longs to be inspired by that beautiful coastline once more! And I suspect this Monterey print more than explain why I dream of seeing the bay there again some day.

Have you been to Monterey and loved it as well? Perhaps you liked it so much you never left or you’ve always called it home? Or does this print simply inspire you for it’s classic subject? Whatever the case, I hope you might take a moment to tell me what you like most about this seaside print?


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