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Golden Fields – English Countryside In Spring Art Print

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Nearly a decade ago now I had gone to London in the spring and was taking a day out to see Canterbury with a group of fellow travelers by train. So in some sense this is my very own Canterbury Tale. As the train glided through the English Countryside I had become lost in conversation with my seatmate as we compared notes on the thing we had seen and done. Quite suddenly out of the blue, my eyes were drawn to the window by the most intense golden fields that I have ever seen before or since. I had never seen or heard of rapeseed before so I was completely awestruck by the sight of the English countryside glowing brightly golden beneath the spring sun.

Since that morning, I have dreamed often of those golden fields dashing by the train window. I had simply never imagined farm fields being quite so picturesque before. The golden fields of rapeseed dashed by so quickly and I was so in awe that I honestly never even managed to form the thoughts to reach for my camera. It’s been a dream for years since to return in the spring again some day and have a proper roam through the English countryside hunting for more of those dreamy golden fields. But so far, it hasn’t happened.

Yet those scant moments on that train to Canterbury are a mental image that has never escaped me. I might have to consult my trip journals for some details of long ago travels, but those golden fields are burned deep in my brain. Thus this particular piece of artwork nearly a decade later. And finally those golden fields of rapeseed in the English Countryside live again outside of my dreams! The sense of intense colors, the movement of the passing train, it’s all here so that I can share this beautiful memory of England.

Have you seen those same golden fields rushing past a train window or perhaps you’ve had a chance to explore the English Countryside in spring at length? Whether this print speaks to your memories of England in spring or you simply love the colors and sense of movement, I hope you might take a moment to share what speaks to you most in this print?


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