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Golden Grass Sea – Isle of Skye Landscape Art

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This vast rolling golden piece of countryside is an unforgettable Isle of Skye landscape. What was truly amazing to me, wasn’t just that the island was drop-dead gorgeous, but that the landscape varied so much from one part of a relatively small island to the next part of the same island. The Isle of Skye seemed to be a microcosm of mountains and rolling fields and everything in between. It still boggles my mind.

The weather also varied widely during my short stay, and this Isle of Skye landscape print is virtually an illustration of that. In the distance in this picture, the horizon is covered with low-hanging clouds while the foreground is bathed in a warm golden light.

I have always referred to this print as the Grass Sea because it feels to me like the rolls of the earth mirror the undulating sea. Even the Quiraing, part of Trotternish Ridge, in the distance looks like a large dark wave on the horizon. Do you see the resemblance to the ocean when you gaze across this print?

The amazing natural beauty of the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands did not fail to impress me again and again in the week I spent there. Yet I don’t think any landscape I’ve see is as beautiful as an Isle of Skye landscape. Skye was almost too beautiful to be believed but it was right in front of my eyes.

The Isle of Sky is one of those places I’m determined I will see again some day. And you can rest assured the next visit there will be more time to roam with my camera there, I could become lost forever on this beautiful piece of our Earth. But think of the beautiful prints like this one that would result…


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