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Gothic Westminster Abbey – Historic London Art Print

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This is one of the most famous churches in Britain, Westminster Abbey. This is a church whose history is literally intertwined with that of the British monarchy. Westminster Abbey has witnessed such historic events as the coronation of English kings and queens dating back to William The Conqueror in 1066. It’s also the final resting place of a litany of big names.

What most attracts me to Westminster Abbey though is that amazing Gothic architecture. I love how the linear lines of the facade of the old abbey draw the eye ever upwards towards the heavens. It’s just a moving sight. The church we see standing today was begun in 1245 by Henry III. Yet the church is practically living architecture. There are centuries of embellishments since those first stones were laid. Largely the changes to Westminster Abbey were brought about as subsequent rulers made their marks on the venerable church.

There’s something about the monumental architecture of medieval Europe that is just exceptionally beautiful. It’s fascinating to me that quite often the builders who worked on these buildings couldn’t hope to really see the construction finished. These were buildings that often took generations to fully complete. Most architects today would expect to see their buildings through to completion not hand off the plans to subsequent generations to complete. These were practically communal projects with a social contract for the next generation to carry on. In a world with instant-everything, can you imagine it?

Westminster Abbey has such a great graphic quality to its architecture that it inspired this piece, a graphic rendition of the facade of the old Abbey reaching into the skies of London.

Note: The Westminster Abbey and adjoining Palace of Westminster are part of a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site as well as being an enduring part of English Heritage.


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