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Heavenly Light On The Papal Cross – Irish Art

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On a particularly cold winter morning in Dublin, we had just left a warm bus to see the towering Papal Cross in Phoenix Park. You can tell from the frost covered grass just how cold it was, but the skies over the cross were so spectacular that I was more than happy to walk through the crackling grass looking for other angles on that towering monument.

If you’ve looked through my artwork you may have noticed I offer another print of the beautiful frost-covered path leading to the hill where the Papal cross rests. In that image, I wanted to keep the distractions of people to a minimum. By the time, I had wandered around to this spot, people had made their way to the hill, and in this image, I love their presence there. Look at the scale of the cross to the tiny figures on the hill.

The Papal cross is 115 feet (35 meters) tall and that height is only truly apparent when you compare it actual people. The Papal cross was erected for a 1979 visit by Pope John Paul II. There were over a million people surrounding the cross for an open air mass he led on this site.

From this vantage point, what I liked most was the lighting. The morning sun was casting a golden glow on the framework of that large cross. And the rays of light were painting the sky and light clouds in a pattern that seemed to shine down right on the big cross on that wee hill. The pastel morning skies contrast so with the frosty foreground. There’s a hint of promise of things to come.

Have you visited the Papal Cross in Phoenix Park? Or do you simply love prints like this one?


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