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Irish Beach in Winter – Landscape Art Print

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I’ll never forget seeing this beautiful Irish beach somewhere on the west coast near Galway. I was mesmerized the moment I saw the mix of gold and black sands flowing towards the ocean. It was truly a beautiful sight worthy of being the subject of numerous pieces of art!

The moment the bus stopped, I was heading down to those sands to dip my fingers in the cold sea. Normally, I would have waded on those distant shores but it was Europe in winter! I guess I’m not dedicated enough because if you take a close look at this Irish beach print, you’ll see one of the figures in silhouette at the water’s edge is taking his shoes off! Truly hard core!

Of a number of pictures I took on that beach, this was one of my favorite. I loved the scale from the figures standing on the seaside. But it’s not just a matter of scale, they give the viewer a reference point. You can imagine yourself standing there on that cold Irish beach preparing to dip your toes into the sea. Don’t you feel the exuberance of the moment?

That beach was so spell-binding that I was the last one back to the bus. It wasn’t until I was home and trying to fill in the gaps that I realized this beautiful Irish beach was in fact a mystery beach!

I posted to various forums and eventually the general consensus reached was this is Fanore Beach in County Clare. I’ve looked at other photos of that fabled beach and believe it’s the right one, but I still welcome dissenting opinions if anyone knows better!

In the end, it’s sort of like Shakespeare’s fabled rose. Whatever the name of this beach, it was gorgeous and deserved a place among my artwork, no doubt.


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