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Irish Landscape – Classic Connemara

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I’m sure the image of a classic Irish landscape depends on the person. What places did you visit in Ireland? Or if you lived there, where did you call home? But from my month in Ireland, there’s no question that the classic Irish landscape that comes to my mind when I look back are those I saw in Connemara. Rolling hills, sweeping vistas and roads reaching for the horizon. This is my image of Ireland!

Maybe for some the picture perfect Irish landscape is a peat bog? Or a river valley? But I spent my time in Ireland hugging the coast and I saw rolling hills and mountains and, of course, the sea. From Northern Ireland to Dingle, it was one grand vista after another. Wandering through the Irish landscape felt much like walking the pages of a fairytale. It was just too beautiful to be believed. And for my money, the places I saw in Connemara near Killary were the epitome of all the other places I saw. Connemara had it all rolled into one. Gentle mountains and an Irish landscape that unfolded their ancient tales beneath dramatic skies.

This particular Irish landscape near the border of County Galway and County Mayo includes one of my favorite features, a road that vanishes on the horizon. I think I’ll always find scenes like this a special metaphor. The vanishing road, for me, is our time on this world. And the future is beyond and unknown to us, but the journey is beautiful isn’t it?

Have you wandered the same rolling Irish landscape in Connemara? Perhaps you’ve also walked this road above Killary near the village of Leenane? Or if you’ve never been to Ireland, maybe this landscape print speaks to the side of you that loves fairy tale perfect places? I hope you might take a moment to stop and share what made this particular Irish landscape connect with you whether it’s a personal tale or otherwise?


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