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Killary Fjord – Amazing Irish Landscape Panorama Art

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Ireland was one amazing experience after another. There are so many places I’d love to see again some day. It’s hard to even prioritize them in my mind, but there’s no question that Killary Fjord would be high on that list. The amazing landscape seen in this panorama print is that beautiful natural harbor in Connemara near the village of Leenane. This was where I spent two nights and countless hours wandering on foot on the little rural Irish roads with my camera. Even when the weather was not its best, I was fascinated by this corner of Ireland.

This view of Killary Fjord, though, was some of the best weather I had in Connemara. In fact, it was my first afternoon there. I had just arrived at a hostel just above this beautiful inlet. I was tired but looking up at those amazing skies, I had to scramble down a muddy path to the waterside. And thank goodness I did. Just look at those amazing skies reflecting in the waters of Killary Fjord.

When I was confronted by this beautiful sight, I knew I had to take a panorama of this view. It looks like something dreamed up by an artist for a fantasy film of some sort doesn’t it?

Killary Fjord is, depending on the guide you read, either simply a beautiful natural harbor, or Ireland’s only fjord. I leave the interpretation to you. It matters not to me what name the place has. What I know is that it was in fact simply an amazing place to visit and I treasure my prints from my days wandering in Connemara.

Do you also have happy memories of visiting Connemara and Killary Fjord? Or are you simply bowled over by this amazing Irish landscape print?


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