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Life in Colorful Mexico – Puebla Art Print

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If I had to pick one factor that has kept me traveling south of the border, it would have to be how colorful Mexico is. It’s absolutely a culture that is unafraid of color. It only took a couple of trips to Mexico to realize how phobic we are of color in some cultures. Just look at the brilliant colors in this print! How can a place this packed with color even exist in the real world?

But this slice of colorful Mexico is real and it’s far from unique. Ever Mexican city I’ve seen seemed to drip color in the same breath-taking fashion as Puebla did. I’ll never forget stumbling into this vivid plaza and seeing that weathered old tree reaching into the sky. I was in Mexico in the winter, but in the tropics, that doesn’t seem to have the same meaning it does elsewhere and this was the only leafless tree I saw. It makes me suspect it had possibly expired or at least was not a bit of native flora. Whatever the explanation, I loved how those bare branches looked. There was a sculptural feel to them and I loved how the served as a visual connector between the brightly colored plaza and the deep blue sky above.

Every time I look at this colorful Mexico artwork, I want to go back again. I love the culture of Mexico in general, and specifically I want to see more of Puebla. My small taste of this vibrant Spanish colonial city has left me wanting more. It seemed to be a city that was undergoing a little renaissance, filled with fresh coats of paint and a generally laid back vibe evidenced by the people relaxing in the shade in this plaza.

Have you enjoyed a beautiful day in Puebla, too? Or perhaps you have the same love for the bold and fearless use of color that I do? I hope you might take a few moments to share what calls you to this colorful Mexico print?


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