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London Architectural Blueprint Art – Westminster Abbey

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This London architectural blueprint artwork was inspired by one of my visits to Westminster Abbey several years ago. This was one of my first exposures to soaring medieval Gothic architecture. There’s just something amazing about these old structures. It’s my understanding the looming towers were meant to lift the eyes towards the heavens and they certainly succeed at that. I wanted to do something that would emphasize the lines of Westminster Abbey and that was when it hit me to try creating stylized blueprint art using my photos of the front facade of the old abbey church. Once the wheels were set in motion, I decided this London architectural blueprint art piece would honor the history of the church. Although blueprints as such didn’t exist then, this is how I envisioned they would have looked down to the seal of Henry III who was the King who ordered the rebuilding of the Abbey in the basic style that has come down to us today.

In the 13th century, King Henry III tore down the old abbey and set about building a new abbey in the Gothic style that was then popular on the European continent. Although this is purely a work of the imagination, in addition to the seal, we see his name and the church’s name in the Latin of the period. I felt these extra details really gave this the sense that these could have been the very plans that Henry III reviewed as the new building rose from the rubble of the old. This London architectural blueprint art honors the history of London as well as Westminster Abbey itself.

Those medieval Gothic churches were long works in progress. If there are surviving 13th century plans for the church, they might bear only a resemblance to the Westminster Abbey of the 21st century. As is common, the church we see today represents centuries of modifications, adaptations, and changing tastes. In fact, parts of the original designs were not completed until the 18th century when the western towers were finally built. That just illustrates what a long game medieval architecture was, particularly when building on the scale of Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbe holds a special place in English history as the site for generations of Royal coronations, weddings, and funerals. Every coronation since William The Conqueror has taken place there and many medieval monarchs are buried there. Whether you’ve visited the Abbey or seen it on TV, you’ve likely seen the magic of that old church. Ultimately its place in history and at the heart of English identity was what inspired this artwork.

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