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Lonesome Road – Connemara – Irish Countryside Art

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There’s just something special about a lonesome road disappearing on the horizon. It’s a type of artwork that I’ve always enjoyed. I love how roads like this one in Connemara lead our eyes through the landscape. And it’s extra special when that landscape feels so utterly wild, wide, and free.

This particular Irish road carries with it my own memories of wandering in Connemara near the village of Leenane. I spent two days there of my month in Ireland. It was the midst of winter, and I was amazed at how beautiful the countryside was. If this is just a taste of Ireland in warmer months, I don’t know how visitors ever go home! There was definitely a part of me that wanted to melt into the woodwork of rural Ireland and never leave.

On top of being a great tool for leading the eye into an image, that lonesome road is a great metaphor. It speaks of the path we travel in life. It’s the present and the unknown future in one print. Interestingly I have noticed more than a handful of winding road images in my time in Ireland. That may well have been subconscious as I had just made a big life decision and was looking into what felt like murky but wonderful waters at the time.

A bit less symbolically this landscape print may feel familiar to those who have hiked in the Irish west. The wet roads remind me of the misting rain that came and went as the sky full of clouds reminds me of the constantly changing weather. Each moment I walked brought me new variations in lighting, a veritable kaleidoscope of landscape photo opportunities… Is it any wonder I want to return?


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