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Lost In A Galway Fog – Irish Art Print

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During my stay in Ireland, one of the most memorable events was the night a thick freezing fog hit Galway. There had been several days straight of foggy mornings, but on this particular day, the fog never relented and by night, it was pea soup out there. I did what any sane artist would do and headed out into the cold night air. And the effects of that thick mist on the city streets of Galway was absolutely as magical as you see here. It felt like wandering in the pages of a surreal painting. Everything was indistinct and the lighting was muted.

In essence the streets of Galway had taken on a very film noir and mysterious vibe to them. Even something as simple as a lone figure in hoodie took on the air of a cinematic mystery. I have several pictures based on that one foggy night in Galway and its near impossible for me to pick a favorite, but this image seems to be one art print that always draws attention. And it’s easily a print that crosses not just the people who loved Galway, as I did, but also the people who love art with a little bit of mystery and intrigue. It’s definitely a conversation piece.

I would be hard pressed to give up any of my experience in Galway. It was a city I genuinely loved and as much as I want to explore Ireland in more depth, I’ve considered going back just for a stay in Galway. But if I could only keep one day of my time there, I would have to pick the night that thick freezing for rolled through and transformed the city into a great mystery.


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