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Mexico City Streets – Colorful Art Print

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It’s been several years since I was there but I will never forget the buzz of life on Mexico City streets. There seemed to be a near-constant rhythm of life there. The only city I’ve seen so far that I considered comparable was Cairo. Both cities seemed impossibly full of people. And it was that feeling of being at the heart of a human bee hive that was simply fascinating.

This Mexico City street scene is a good example of the continuous buzz on the streets as well as the colorful views south of the border. I remember standing on this particular street corner near Mexico City’s Alameda Central Park. There was something about the beautiful blue of that building on the opposite corner and the shops on that corner that attracted my attention. I stood there for a bit trying to wait out the traffic. And it quickly became apparent that the traffic on Mexico City Streets never stops!

And just as soon as I had that realization, I decided to work with the traffic, to wait for that special moment that involved not just the people on the Mexico City streets but the cars as well. It’s been the norm for me to wait for people to hit the right spot in a scenic street scene, but I have to admit I normally don’t try to include cars. But as soon as I found that perfect moment, the moment this artwork is based upon, I knew that in a place like Mexico City, the cars as well as the people are part of that colorful rhythm of life. An image of the Mexico City Streets near the Centro that was devoid of cars would never read as “right” to anyone who has been there!

Have you walked the streets of Mexico City? Or does this colorful south of the border print speak to you without the experience of this amazing city? I hope you might take a few moments to share with me what you find most striking about this particular print?


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