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About This Image:

Whenever people see this motion abstract print, it always gets attention. It’s definitely an eye-catching mixture of architectural lines with a strong sense of motion. And of course, the orange-gold tones are a treat! I have had more than a few comments that this motion abstract has a certain science fiction vibe to it – no doubt because of the postmodern architecture.

After the initial positive comments about this vibrant print, the next question is almost invariably what exactly is it? That’s the really cool thing about abstractions, taking the everyday and making it, frankly, almost unrecognizable. This motion abstract print illustrates that our perceptions of the world are our narrow view of reality.

Dispensing with the mystery, this abstract print is actually of an elevator in motion through a single long exposure photograph. Would you have guessed? In moving pictures, we’d see the elevator progressively moving upwards. In a single long exposure photograph, we see all the motion contained in one print. I’ll try not to get any more technical than that unless someone asks questions. If I go into more detail in the description for this print, I’m afraid eyes will glaze over!

But I’ll never forget the experience I had capturing this moment. It was actually one of those happy accidents. I was waiting for a friend in an Atlanta hotel watching the elevators pass the floor through the open atrium. I had my camera with me and began taking a few shots of the elevator in motion. When I saw the motion abstract of that first test shot, I was hooked. I took quite a few shots before arriving at this one where the motion blur was just right and the lines of the atrium architecture was used to best effect.

I hope you’ll take a moment to share what attracts you most to this golden abstract motion print.

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