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Paris Romance – Last Tango Art

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When I first conceived the scene illustrated in this Paris Romance artwork, it was a play on an old movie title, Last Tango in Paris. In my mind, this couple is enjoying one last romantic night beneath the stars in Paris. But I have to admit that I really had no concept about the plot of the risque-for-its-time Bernardo Bertolucci film. So, there’s really no connection beyond I thought the title had a fun ring to it and fit perfectly with the carefree abandon of this romantic couple in what is unmistakably Paris after dark.

The research for this Paris Romance print took a bit more work than usual. The Eiffel Tower standing against the night sky was the only easy part of this composition. This shows an actual place in Paris the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. I stumbled over this spot in the middle of the Seine on one of my last days in Paris years ago. I loved this perspective of that gorgeous piece of Parisian architecture. I was not there at night but it’s not hard to imagine the Eiffel Tower aglow against the night sky is it?

So if the location didn’t take research, what did? I realized I knew only the most superficial information about the Tango! I’ve seen people dance the Tango, but never really paid attention to the moves nor even knew what to call them. I had a vague idea that I wanted my Paris romance to illustrate a couple in an embrace but not how. Now, I suppose, I could have just winged it, but I wanted this aspect to have some authenticity to it, so I spent a lot of time reading articles online and watching videos of dancers doing the Argentine Tango. Who knew the complexity behind this dance! I can hardly call this particular research work. It was a lot of fun! And while I’m still no expert, I decided on a variation of a leg wrap or enganche that could give some life to this scene and complement the graceful lines of the Eiffel Tower.

It took me longer to complete this piece than much of my work, not just because of the research involved. As you can see there’s a lot of detail and I also had to keep putting down my work and dealing with real life issues on the home front. But somehow the vision for how I wanted this to look in the end never wavered and when I finally saw the finished piece, it held all the emotions I wanted it to. There’s a feeling of spontaneity as if we’ve just caught this couple in a moment and there is a real sense of a Paris Romance playing out here. The romance is not just the couple’s love for one another but is part and parcel of the starry night in Paris. Can’t you feel the magic?

Does it remind you of your own night in Paris with a loved one? Or maybe you’re a fan of the Tango and that’s how you found your way here? Whatever the case, I would love to hear how this particular artwork speaks to you! So please stop and share your thoughts with me.


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