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Parisian Style On The Pont des Arts – City Life Art Print

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There’s simply something very Parisian to me about this print of a winter afternoon relaxing on the Pont des Arts over the river Seine in Paris. I think in some small part it may be because it mirrored my own Parisian experience in some way.

I had spent a long day wandering in Paris. The sun was out and the winter light hitting the architecture of Paris was noteworthy, and well, I had little time in Paris so I was making the most of it! It was time to have a quick bite before pressing on and I grabbed something at a little cafe and looked for somewhere picturesque to enjoy my brief meal. The Pont des Arts outside the Louvre looked perfect! I found an empty bench and quietly enjoyed both the food and the incredible architecture that surrounded me.

Almost by accident, I glanced to my right and saw something of a mirror the next bench over. Another person quietly enjoying their purchases from a cafe, people chatting. Basically the same scene as on my little group of benches. It felt like I was seeing a little slice of Parisian Style. I had to capture the moment on the next seats over. To me, this is a little piece of the Parisian experience.

Have you also sat on the Pont des Arts outside the Louvre in the afternoon and enjoyed the Parisian vistas? Does this print remind you of your own time in Paris? Or have you ever had that experience of seeing your own experience mirrored in others around you? A bit surreal isn’t it? Or perhaps you simply appreciate the vivid Parisian flavor of this print from the heart of that unique city?


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