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Point Loma Lighthouse Art

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This art print of the old Point Loma lighthouse at night in the rain was the result of a request sometime back. And as I love old lighthouses, this one fit perfectly in my wheelhouse. I don’t do every request then and there, but I do keep a running list of subjects people have suggested and work on them as inspiration strikes. In this case, inspiration struck almost instantly as I pictured that beautiful old light at Point Loma in San Diego against a rain streaked and stormy night sky. I’ve been told more than a few times that the result is stunning and dramatic.

There’s just something about a lighthouse weathering the storm. It speaks, I think, to a primal part of us. I’ve had more than a few people comment that my lighthouse prints remind them of Christian themes. Particularly the night time prints like this one. I know I can certainly see the symbolism, how about you?

This Point Loma lighthouse print is a vivid mix of blues from the stormy clouds in the skies overhead to the blue-green of the landscape in the foreground. Even the white of the old lighthouse itself has tones of blue. That really makes the golden warm glow of the lantern up top stand out from the rest of the print. Even thought the blue is dominant, it’s the warm glow from the windows and lantern that gives this print an overall welcoming tone – a sense of warmth and safety from the blowing rains.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse is an historic landmark – part of the Cabrillo National Monument. In fact, in the local mythology of San Diego, it’s said to have been built by the Spanish. I love how every location has its tall tales that are bigger than life. In the case of the old lighthouse at Point Loma, it was constructed in the mid 19th century. So although this California light was not built by the Spanish, it definitely has an old world charm.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this historic lighthouse print? Are you from San Diego or shopping for a friend who would enjoy a San Diego print? Or perhaps you just love the symbolism of old lighthouses and this particular print speaks to you? Whatever the reason for your visit, I hope you’ll pause to share your comments.


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