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River Liffey Panorama – Dublin Art Print

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This River Liffey panorama is a personal favorite of mine. I simply can’t look at it without a smile. On my very first day in Dublin, I was most surprised by the bright colors of the buildings on the river front. Those tall colorful buildings reminded me so much of photos I’ve seen of Amsterdam.

By the time I took this panorama, it was much later in my Irish trip. I’d learned that the colors on the River Liffey were the norm. The skies on this day were just, in a word, amazing. The undulating textures in the clouds look like something off an artists canvas rather than reality. Despite all those clouds, there was still a great bit of light coming from the south, which lit up the northern quay in this River Liffey Panorama.

I have at times called this my Ridiculously large panorama. The view I saw before me was just so amazing that I wanted to include as much of it as possible in this River Liffey panorama. This was as close as I could come to capturing that experience in one massive image. The image includes so many frames that the river bank which is quite straight seems to bend away from the viewer. I think that half-smile in the river is part of what makes this picture feel so cheerful to me. I love the larger than life feeling I get every time I look at this Dublin print. Or perhaps it feels like a fantasy? It does remind me of looking through a soap bubble at the world beyond.

For orientation’s sake to the right in this photo, you can see the O’Connell Street bridge. If you’ve been to Dublin, there’s little doubt you’ve stood in this same general area near Temple Bar and Trinity College and maybe enjoyed a similar view if you were as lucky as I was on this day.

I’m so very glad I had more than a handful of days in Dublin. In any season, you stand the risk on a short stop of having less than ideal weather. But in Ireland in winter… Well, if I had rolled the dice and missed being in Dublin this beautiful day, I wouldn’t have captured some of my most memorable Irish prints.


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