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Rustic North Georgia Farm Shed – Autumn Colors Print

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This is a lovely autumn picture of an old farm shed full of bright fall colors from the blue sky to the orange and reds of the trees. This print is at the heart of my belief that we can find beautiful images everywhere around us. This old farm shed was one that I passed daily on the way to my work in Alpharetta, Georgia. Despite the rural appearance of this scene, North Fulton County is well within the influence of Atlanta’s burgeoning metro and urbanization. This little farm shed sat on what was one of a handful of farms still left in the area. The last time I saw it the fields across the road were blooming with subdivisions and the farmer’s home had a for sale sign, too.

One autumn, I passed this beautiful scene each morning on the way to work. Each day, the colors deepened and I knew the time of the day for the best light. I was determined to get up the next Saturday and drive over there. On a Saturday of course, there would be less traffic to battle. Not to mention I could take my time rather than worry about getting to work on time.  There was something that told me now was the time to capture a photo of this beautiful old farm shed before it was gone. I had watched so many farms give way to subdivisions in North Fulton County that I knew sooner or later, this too would pass.

The stars aligned that Saturday morning in Autumn. The fall color was at its zenith and the skies were just perfect. There’s a different hue to the blue skies in Autumn and to top that off there were beautiful thin wispy clouds streaking the sky.

I don’t know if that little rustic farm shed still sits in a field in North Fulton County or not. If I had to make a wager, I’d guess its time had passed. But thanks to this print, I’ll always have this one beautiful day to remember. And I hope this little rustic piece of Americana and that great fall color brings a smile to your face, too!


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