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Scottish Seaside View – North Berwick Art Print

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From what I’ve heard, I suspect the little pile of rocks on the Scottish seaside in this print would never be so empty in the summer, but I visited the seaside in North Berwick, Scotland, in the winter! My trip to Scotland was drawing to a close and I had to see the coast one more time before I left.

I particularly loved the solitude of the sea as my time to leave neared. Wandering the seaside gave me a chance to commune with the landscape and be on my own with my thoughts. I always leave Britain on an introspective note. It always seems to feels like the conclusion of a beautiful dream.

The skies as you can see in this picture were streaked with clouds, yet there was a beautiful quality to the light. Look how it’s illuminating the rocks, benches, and lookout cabin in the foreground. I simply love the winter light, when it’s there, in Britain! In the distance is the island of Craigleith, one of multiple islands here that are home to protected colonies of Puffins. This view across the water, was, of course, as close as I got to those myriad of islands just off the coast at North Berwick.

I would love to see North Berwick again in the summer some day to really get the full feel for this Scottish seaside destination. I know, I for one, though, love the sea, whatever the season. The salt air revives me as much on a cold winter day as any other. And this print really speaks to the side of me that loves the coast and the sea. I can feel the chill in the sea air again every time I look at this picture.


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