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Shine Like It Does – Eilean Donan Castle at Night Art

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The days in Scotland in the winter are so very short. This much accounts for our arriving at Eilean Donan Castle, pictured here, at what looks like midnight! It wasn’t actually as late as it appears, but the sun had set and our little group was being pelted by a driving rain when we got off the bus to see Eilean Donan. Even in a hard rain, thought, it was clear why this is one of the most photographed castles in the world!

My print, by necessity, is much different than most you’d see of Eilean Donan, reflecting in the waters of Loch Duich in the morning or evening sun. And make no mistake, I’d love my chance to take one of those classic photos one day, but I wouldn’t trade it for this view of it glowing in the darkness like a beacon on the waters. To me it almost reminds me of a golden star in the night sky… Doesn’t it have a certain zen quality?

And I will always look at this print and remember sheltering myself and my camera against a stone wall at the end of this bridge. It was the only way I could keep the rain off long enough to pull off a couple of photos before rushing back to the bus. But the necessity of that moment came together to create a wonderful environment – look at the wet stones of the bridge and how they reflect even more light. And of course, the bridge that I had to position myself against creates a lovely connecting point, leading the eyes to the glowing castle in the distance.

This art print of the castle definitely has a unique beauty all its own.


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