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Shopping On Pulteney Bridge – Bath England Art

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I would really love to return to Bath some day. Despite already being on my list of places to see, everything I had really heard about Bath revolved around the famous Roman Baths that gave the city its name. What I discovered is that Bath is much more than that. It’s a city full of great old world architecture like that pictured here. In other words, Bath is more than the Baths. Ha!

Pulteney Bridge was an especially fun discovery. Our bridges today are comparably quite boring really, just a way for cars and people to cross. In Britain and Europe, these bridges used to be lined with businesses. The landmark Pulteney Bridge, built in 1773, crosses the River Avon. It apparently has the distinction of being one of four surviving bridges that have shops spanning both sides of the bridge.

This is definitely one of those pieces of old world architecture that would be brilliant to examine and photograph from multiple perspectives. I could easily spend days stalking just this one bridge. Alas, I didn’t have days. So I made the most of my time with this single photo. I really love the human element here. The people strolling the bridge bring life to the scene. We have old world shops with life abounding. Look at all the people on the opposite side of the bridge and of course, the little old lady out for a stroll in the left-hand foreground. All beneath those postcard perfect British skies.

This print is definitely a slice of life from the streets of Bath – hope you think so too!

Note: Pulteney Bridge is recognized by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.


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