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Snow Covered Cemetery Path – Dublin – Glasnevin Art Print

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I’m often pleasantly surprised to discover there many people out there who also appreciate prints like this one of a snow-covered cemetery path from Glasnevin Cemetery. I guess for some photos of graveyards are uncomfortable reminders, but for me, at least, it’s evocative artwork. I look at cemeteries and they remind me of the never ending cycle of life and the mysteries figuratively buried at the heart of us all. Not least of their attributes, cemeteries are a vast tapestry of artwork in the forms of each of those individual monuments. Together they form something of an art mosaic.

This particular art print is from Dublin Ireland’s Glasnevin Cemetery. I literally chanced upon this place having never heard of it before, but it’s actually Ireland’s largest non-denominational cemetery, final resting place of over a million people.

Dublin doesn’t see snow like this often, but I happened to visit during one of the coldest winters in decades and the cold snow covering this cemetery path really adds another great detail to this print. Snow in general was an unexpected event in my trip, but the chance to photograph a cemetery with a coating of snow was a truly pleasant surprise.

Of course, what most appeals to me is the great play of light and shadows in this print, the shadows casting long across the snowy cemetery path amidst a sea of monuments and Celtic crosses. There’s simply an artwork inherent to cemeteries, a large canvas capturing so many lives at once.

I’m so glad I chanced upon Glasnevin Cemetery. It was an unusual but fun way to spend a day in Dublin. Have you also had the chance to wander among the Celtic Crosses of Glasnevin? Or does this print simply appeal to you on an artistic level?


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